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Action taken will be strictly decided by staff if discovered, including but not limited to a warning, suspension of account for a matter of time, or complete site ban, and is at the discretion of the authorized staff. * 9(a): User agrees if they make one by mistake, they will delete immediately before logging into normal account. 10: Under no circumstance will offensive, rude, or toxic behaviour of ANY kind will be tolerated (including from old staff) and may be dealt with in any way authorized staff sees fit. * 10(a): User agrees not to use any vulgar, offensive or otherwise questionable display name. * 10(b) User agrees they will not falsify their relationship status and/or otherwise mislead users regarding their relationship status. 11: No user may be permitted to do anything with/to another user or the site with malicious intent. Violators are subject to consequences decided by site staff. * 11(a): User agrees they will not misuse or exploit any bugs found within the site. 12: Users may not use/reproduce/copy/or anything else with/to content uploaded/provided by others without prior consent from said user. 13: Staff may not use any personal information provided by users for anything other than use pertaining to the site. Those found in violation may be met with consequences, i.e., ban, removal from staff, and/or anything else higher staff decide. 14: No persons under the age of 18 may be permitted to interact/join the site. If found in violation, immediate ban will occur. * 14(a): User must report anyone under the age of 18 immediately. * 14(b): User will not interact/friend someone under 18, if their age is listed in the profile or mentioned to them, an immediate ban will occur. * 14(c): User will not upload any pictures of minors; these will be removed, and a warning/ban may occur for multiple violations (popular memes/gifs may be the exclusion here). 15: Public promotion of a user's external chat apps/socials is not permitted on the site in public channels, please vet all users before going offsite! This includes but may not be limited to Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord, Fetlife, Cell/Phone Numbers. * 15(a): User agrees to report if they see someone posting socials publicly. * 15(b): User agrees to not encourage another user to post their socials publicly. 16: User agrees they will not spam/mass message other users and otherwise abuse the messaging system. * 16(a): User will not immediately push others offsite. * 16(b): User will not send unsolicited nudes. 17: User agrees they will not engage in predatory and otherwise questionable behaviour. 18: User agrees they will not use pet names and/or honorifics without prior consent. 19: User agrees they will not delete and recreate accounts continuously. If a user needs to create a new account for any reason, please file a ticket at [email protected] so we can assist with either a password reset of the original account or address any other issues that created the need for a new one. 20: User agrees they will not harass the ticket system should a ban/suspension occur. 21: User agrees to not advertise or publicly promote their content, stores or wares. 22: User agrees if they become aware of another user evading a ban, they will report immediately and not enable a user to bypass their ban. 23: User agrees not to manipulate or falsify their location within the backend system. Persistent utilization of a VPN or proxy may trigger the necessity for identity verification. 24: User agrees they will not engage in any form of begging or soliciting for money, donations, or financial assistance. Violations of the terms of use will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the staffing policy the staff are required to adhere to, which may consist of a warning, time-out, or suspension of the account. * Appeals must be made through the [email protected] ticket system, for bans within the specified time of the ban. * Any attempts to bypass or evade a time-out will see the time lengthened or further penalties applied. * Any attempts to bypass or evade a ban will see any appeal denied and time lengthened.